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The more we report, the greater our chance of stopping injustice.

Report Injustice GA is the predecessor and now an affiliate of Report Injustice America (RIA). RIA is the hub of affiliated news companies and good government advocacy across America. As for Report Injustice GA, it aggregates news and publishes original content focused on the State of Georgia as well as its political subdivisions.

News in Georgia is currently dominated by the pandemic, how schools are handling public health vs. education and elections, at least when we are not reading about protests, violence and campaigns to restrict law enforcement. An under-reported topic and one that is at least as critical is the issue of voter interference or tampering with elections. We clearly need integrity in our elected officials, especially judges and district attorneys, but if elections lack integrity, there is not much hope when those improperly placed in office take over.

Like all RIA affiliates, Report Injustice GA features news that informs and sows unity in combating injustice as opposed to divisiveness. Report Injustice Georgia is not about turning average Americans against each other, but, instead, identifying injustices that plague them.

Consistent with the RIA template for educating, training, organizing, and mobilizing communities, Report Injustice GA builds community initiatives inspired by its news coverage, starting on a local basis. RIA founders confirmed that this approach allows grassroots social justice movement to spread more effectively than those that begin on a wider basis.

The local initiative (neighborhood, city, or county-focused) serves as a working model directly addressing constituent needs.Report Injustice GA has not only this news page, but also an active discussion group as well as a separate video channel. Each outlet features Georgia community problems, related solutions, events, and activities.

Injustice in Elections

What Voters Are Experiencing is Connected to Other Forms of Injustice